Homesteader Clinton Tractors

Homesteader Clinton Tractors

  The Homesteader garden tractor was produced in Clinton, Arkansas in the 70's. This unique tractor was offered with an array of options and equipment. Because I have been unable to find adequete information on the internet. I have put up this website to bring together individuals with a common interest........Homesteader tractors.

    I was able to gather much of this information with the help of Bill Anderson who invented and produced the Homesteaders.    Bill provided a lot of insight into the production and history of these tractors.......Thanks Bill

 I have put together a lot of information on the Homesteader tractor.  See the links to the left for brochures, pictures of  others homesteaders as well as some Homesteader manufacturer pictures.    

  If you have any pictures or information you would like to share please feel free to contact me via e-mail. I will follow up with a phone call if you would like to discuss your tractor and any additional information.


Jeff Pund

Rogers, Arkansas


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Homesteader Inventor Bill Anderson